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Quality dental work at affordable prices

Here at Stacy Kanda Dentistry, we are proud to provide an extensive range of dental services to Federal Way, WA and area. We have a wealth of experience and expertise to serve any and all of your dental needs.

Our Extensive Dental Services Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Family Dentistry: We provide high-quality dentistry for the entire family. We love working with children, and generally recommend a child's first regular dental visit at age 3 to 4 years old. Parents should monitor their child's teeth, and if something appears unusual, they should contact their dentist even if the child is younger than 3 years old

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: I feel cosmetic dentistry is the most gratifying area of dentistry. Cosmetic procedures include bleaching, bonding, veneers and porcelain crowns. We can turn discolored, chipped, crowded or misaligned teeth into a beautiful smile. It is truly a thrill to watch people's faces "light up" when they see the results. Dramatic changes are often possible with the newest cosmetic techniques Before and after images of cosmetic dentistry

        • Bleaching Vital teeth (tooth whitening): The advantages
          of tooth bleaching over other procedures to
          whiten teeth are that it doesn't require any
          tooth structure be removed and it is the most
          economical. Even teeth that have had
          root canals can be easily whitened
        •   Teeth whitening before and after
        • Crowns, Bridges and Crowns on Implants:
          This area of dentistry could be considered
          part of cosmetic dentistry, since the
          restoration of severely broken or
          missing teeth with crowns, bridges or
          crowns on implants are extremely aesthetic
          while being very strong functionally. Missing
          teeth can be replaced with restoration the "look like there are no missing teeth!"

        • Prevention: Our office stresses prevention. This includes prevention of decay, periodontal (gum) disease, and loss of teeth throughout your lifetime. There are many people now who will never have a cavity or gum problems during their entire life and most people maintain their teeth forever!

        • Periodontal (gum) Treatment: In conjunction with prevention of tooth loss, our dental hygienists provide excellent adjunctive periodontal care. We also work with several periodontists (gum specialists) in the area to provide comprehensive periodontal care

        • Root Canals: Years ago, the only solution to diseased or damaged teeth was to remove them. Now, modern dental techniques often make it possible to save damaged teeth. One of the techniques used is endodontic (root canal) therapy. Ninety percent of root canal filled teeth last as long as the other remaining natural teeth. We provide root canal therapy for most teeth requiring root canal treatment. In extremely challenging cases, we work with several root canal specialists

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        Stacy Kanda, D.D.S., P.S. Providing quality dental services in Federal Way, WA for more than 30 years! Diagram of periodontal conditionDiagram of root canal procedure